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Custom skis - a ski factory

Information for international customers

We produce alpine skis and snowboards, splitboards, kite skis and snowkiteboards, jumping skis, etc ...
You can order any standard model from the catalog or make a full custom shape.
Factory location: Moscow, Russia. e-mail: ski@customskis.ru
You can look any photos, news and events on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/customskis.ru

Shipping: around 100EUR to EU, and 150USD to US
+ Customs fees, depending on the country of destination.
If you find a cheaper option, we will gladly use it =)

Material used:
Base: IsoSport IS 7515, thickness 1.7mm
Topsheet: IsoSport ICP 8210 with structure
Edges: Reinforced bearing steel, width 2.1mm
Woodcore: Aspen wood
Reinforcement fabrics: glass and carbon

Snow kiting equipment

Snowkiting or Kite skiing is an outdoor winter sport where people use kite power to glide on snow or ice. Specialized equipment for kiting is designed to be ridden in a straight line, has an optimum stiffness, uniform pressure distribution diagrams on the edge, that avoids lateral slipping on ice, and provides a maximum speed. Skis for snowkiting do not break, perfectly keep the course, they can easily go against the wind, they are stable, they give an advantage in races before "downhill" skis and go on an equal footing with "speedski" skis, with less weight and length.

Skis for kiting
Models for races, freestyle, etc
21515010094100K215-2 Allround700 €

Kite snowboards
Models for races, freestyle, etc
175100280275280Class D8700 €
200150280276280For races700 €