Custom made kite skis and snowkiteboards production
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Kite skis and snowkiteboards

Models 2020-2021

Snowkiting model for races and marathons
Name K215-5 K190w-5 K200-5
Length 215cm 190cm 200cm
Radius 120m 120m 120m
Tip 105mm 137mm 105mm
Waist 98mm 130mm 98mm
Tail 103mm 135mm 103mm
The geometry of the kite skis is designed for movement in a straight line at maximum speed, has optimal stiffness, which provides a uniform profile of pressure distribution on the edge, which ultimately allows you to eliminate side slip even on bottle ice. Unlike skis with a pronounced waist, CustomSkis snowkiting skis do not stall, perfectly hold the course, make it easy to go upwind, are stable, give an advantage in racing over downhill skis and go on an equal footing with speedski skis, with less weight and length
Price 700 Euro

Custom designed alpine skis and snowboards

SL (модель 2020-2021)

Example - Sports skis for slalom
Slalom competition skis, FIS geometry and stiffness. 165cm for men.
The skis have the highest possible torsional rigidity and ideally even deflection in the corner.

Price 800 Euro

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Skis for snowkiting K200-5

Kite skis 200cm long, medium hardness, high toes, new fast base material
Price 700 Euro
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Skis for snowkiting K190w-5

Kite skis 190cm long, waist 130mm!!! medium hardness, high toes, new fast base material
Price 700 Euro
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Custom made skis and snowboards

It is possible to manufacture skis and snowboards with any geometry and any graphics. Discounts depending on the volume of the order.
The estimated cost of a single copy of a ski or snowboard with your design - 800 Euro

Why Choose CustomSkis

Single piece production of unique pieces
Only the best and most expensive materials from Europe
Own production in Moscow
Non-standard solutions according to the technical task of the customer
The ability to apply your design
Convenient delivery anywhere in the world

Materials used

Skis are made using Sandwich technology and consist of the following layers:

Base material

IsoSport Verbundbauteile GmbH, Austria


Friedrich Deutsch Metallwerk Ges.m.b.H., Austria

Reinforcing materials

Porcher Industries, France


Stacked beech wood core


IsoSport Verbundbauteile GmbH, Austria

Alpine skis and snowboards to order

Own production

We do not resell from China, we manufacture the product by ourselves. These are real Russian made snowboards and skis. The production is located in Moscow, delivery is carried out all over the world.

Individual design

Any graphics on the top and on the sliding surface, branding for the corporate identity, exclusive gift skis and snowboards for birthday, anniversary, and other holidays.


All products are guaranteed for 1 year. In the event of a manufacturing defect, a warranty repair or replacement for a similar model is carried out.

Bulk order

We can produce small batches of ski equipment, the price is negotiated individually in each case.

Preparation time

Making alpine skis is a little more complicated than making snowboards, but on average it takes 1 month after the order is approved and the custom design is agreed.


Ski bindings are not included in the price of skis, but you can supply good universal Tyrolia quick-release bindings on the PowerRail platform with a wide range of adjustments to suit any boot. Cost 120 Euro

Our production

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